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Cinesamples Core Cinewinds Free Download Full




We don’t load you down with lots of nuances and personal preferences; we provide clear-cut fundamentals that have proven to be more than capable of defining a ‘modern’ ensemble. We offer a wide variety of positions that are still refined, capable and ideal for daily practice. But we don’t stop there. We include plenty of additional parameters for a large palette of ideas, sounds, accents, dynamics, tempos and performances. We have taken the CineWinds CORE Library further into our realm of expertise, and it has been expanded to cover every facet of the wind ensemble section in a comprehensive package. The library provides full, artistic performances of all wind ensemble literature for your practice and/or ensemble. In short, if you’re looking for an exceptional library that’s produced by a well-renowned, well-respected team of dedicated engineers, then we would highly recommend the CineWinds CORE Library. CineWinds CORE Library Highlights: • The first and only dedicated orchestral woodwind library in the world to include full repertoire of all wind ensemble literature. It is professionally recorded with a full complement of orchestral/chamber orchestra, and therefore has a realistic sound. • A strong focus on simplicity, clarity and excellence – the library has a strong focus on the essentials, and provides an extensive range of wind ensemble positions that are well-rounded and easy to use. We’ve included plenty of additional parameters to provide a large palette of ideas, sounds, accents, dynamics, tempos and performances. • All examples are recorded at professional venues (orchestras and concert halls) to produce a high-quality and realistic performance. • All examples are prepared in concert pitch, and are sequenced at a comfortable speed for relaxed learning. • All examples are authored by some of the leading CineWinds composers. • All examples are written in MIDI with the original key of their publisher. The library is supplied in WAV format. • A complete listing of all included examples, positions, timings, key and tempo. • Unlimited, 24/7 personal assistance. Please visit the 'Exclusive Price' section for further information, as well as other sections of the library: CineWinds Streaming Library and The CineWinds Website. ​The CineWinds Streaming Library is designed




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Cinesamples Core Cinewinds Free Download Full

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